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Adventure Travel Trailer
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First shipment beginning mid-2022.
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#1 RV for Outdoor Adventure*

* voted by Go RVing and Backpacker magazine

The SylvanSport VAST is a travel trailer designed from the ground up to answer the question,

“How do you bring everything with you and still have maximum comfort?”

Our roots in the outdoor gear industry gives us the perfect experience to create the ultimate outdoor adventure vehicle. At the heart of VAST is the ability to carry all of your toys without compromising comfort, amenities, or quality. And with innovative features not found anywhere else, VAST is resetting expectations of travel trailers.

Starting at $52,900. Reserve your VAST today for $100. First shipment beginning mid-2022.


Good enough? That’s not how we work at SylvanSport. After going through the standard offerings of parts and components, we stopped looking at what was easiest to get, but rather searched for the what would be the best solution for what we wanted VAST to do and be. And if we couldn’t find what we wanted…we made it. The result is a travel trailer that feels good to use and will take you (and your toys) from coast to coast with peace of mind.


When we say we designed VAST from the ground up, we really mean it. From the chassis to the kitchen to the sleep system, and almost everything in between, VAST doesn’t really like to follow the rules. Sure, it would have been easier to simply recreate a travel trailer that was already out there, but we wanted a shell that didn’t leak, a kitchen that you could use inside or outside, a shower that you can actually move in, and most importantly, the ability to carry bikes, kayaks, and all your gear. So, while the VAST is a beauty on the outside, that beauty runs all the way down to its core. 


For some, it’s not just one activity, but rather a variety of ways to play in the outdoors. For all of you out there, we incorporated ways to accommodate your kayaks, bikes, and gear without sacrificing the ability to use any of the features like the kitchen, bathroom, or lounge area. And, we want you to stay safe too! Kayak racks are mounted on the side, so they are easy to reach and bike/gear storage is conveniently located right inside the tailgate that opens up the entire back end of the trailer.




Innovating comfort is rethinking how we travel, relax and sleep. The lounge area uses premium cushions, high quality fabrics and a variety of configuration options. 

When it’s time to turn in for the night, the VAST continues to impress. Two actual queen size beds provide a home-like sleep experience. One bed stows out of the way and lowers from the ceiling using a motorized lift system and the second converts from the lounge’s premium cushions for easy set-up and maximum comfort.

  • EuroLoft Queen Bed lift w/ 880lb capacity
  • Lounge converts into seamless  residential queen-sized bed 
  • L-shaped lounge area


A first for the RV industry is the VAST kitchen which is fully functional while inside or outside. The entire kitchen unit slides and lowers outside using our patented “easy slide” technology, so you can enjoy the great outdoors while preparing meals.

  • 2 burner gas stove
  • portable refrigerator/freezer
  • integrated sink
  • residential size faucet
  • storage drawers
  • hanging racks
  • microwave oven

play - kayak rack

Another breakthrough exterior feature of the VAST is the side-mounted equipment rack system. Built-in rails attach vertically from top to bottom, that turn the entire side of the trailer into storage for any style kayak, SUP or canoe. Boats can be effortlessly attached at a convenient, easy-to-reach position.

play - bikes & gear

Using a precision track system, the VAST’s entire lounge area slides forward to open up substantial interior cargo space. Even with a full load of gear, coolers, totes & bags in the back, the lounge remains fully functional during your journey.

  • entire tailgate lifts open for weather protection & easy loading
  • gas-assist easy open/close
  • easily holds 2 bikes


The VAST’s front storage box not only provides secure storage with easy access, but it’s also designed to improve aerodynamics while cruising down the road. The entire box glides forward to reveal protected storage for propane tanks, batteries, and the spare tire.

  • 18 cu ft exterior storage
  • stores 2 propane tanks, 2 batteries and spare tire
  • weatherproof molded HDPE
  • integrated lock for security



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VAST is the first travel camper from industry innovator, SylvanSport. We applied breakthrough design and engineering techniques to completely re-imagine vehicle systems, residential systems and the overall construction process. The end result is a premium-quality, lightweight towable that is fully-functional, highly efficient and extremely comfortable 

Designed, engineered, manufactured
in Brevard, North Carolina.

Place your reservation today!

first shipment beginning mid-2022

Starting at $52,900. Reserve your VAST today for $100.



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